Driving & Camping

We offer specially modified 4x4 campers for exploring the Icelandic highlands


Stock Original Vehicle

Modified Outback Overlander 4x4


Driving in Iceland

Our rental cars have all been modified in some ways. That means that the handling is different from original vehicles and the stopping distance has increased. The suspension has been modified so that the vehicles have higher ground clearance and the vehicle's center of gravity is higher.
The modifications include larger and wider tires, longer suspension and extended wheelbase.
Roads are sometimes closed due to heavy weather. Here is a direct link to the official website that has all the information on road condition in Iceland: http://www.road.is/travel-info/road-conditions-and-weather/entire-iceland-road-conditions-map/
The highest speed limit in Iceland is 90 km/h or 60 mph. Keep in mind that the speed limit on gravel roads does not exceed 80 hm/h or 50 mph
Iceland still has some single lane bridges on the ring road. They are mostly found on the highlands. Be careful when crossing them and slow down.
There are many unbridged rivers in Iceland. Make sure you have engaged the 4 wheel drive before you cross any rivers. A good rule is to steer in the same direction as the water flows when crossing.
This means that the road is about to get rough so use the 4 wheel drive.
This area is known to have frequent accidents so be extra careful.
The road can get icy and slippery very fast. Check to see if it's below zero degrees celsius outside.
No driving, driving past this sign is prohibited by law and can result in a fine or legal charges.
A garbage dumpster is coming up where you can throw all trash into instead of leaving it in the beautiful nature.
Coming up is a place where you can pull over and have a quick snack or take a short break from the driving. It's important that you take breaks from driving and walk around and get some fresh air.
Camping area, which Outback recommends using. It's not expensive and many of them have a WCaccommodation and showers. Most of them do have sinks where you can clean your dishes and utensils.
Not a camping area, please respect that.
This road goes past a gas station. It's always a good idea to fill up the tanks before continuing with your journey.
4 wheel drive light. This light can be found in the Overlander 4x4. It only comes on when the 4 wheel drive has been engaged. Light stays on while the 4 wheel drive is engaged and blinks when it has not been engaged successfully. Stop the vehicle immediately if this light blinks and disengage. 4 wheel drive should only be used on loose surfaces such as gravel roads or snowy roads. Do not use on tarmac or asphalt.
Low range light. This light is found in the Overlander 4x4. It comes on when the transfer case has been shifted to low range (4WD-L) from high range (4WD). Low range can only be applied while the 4 wheel drive is engaged. Just like the 4 wheel drive, low range should only be used on loose surfaces such as gravel roads or snowy roads.
Engine oil pressure warning light. If this warning light comes on and stays on while the engine is running, turn the engine off immediately because something is not working. The engine can suffer serious damage if it runs while this light is on in the dashboard.


Camping in Iceland

Iceland has some of the most beautiful and fragile nature in the world.
All garbage shall be disposed at garbage disposal units. Please do not leave trash in our beautiful nature.
Campsites are found all around the country and also in the highlands. They are relatively cheap and we recommend using them. Here is a link to a campsite webpage that can give you ideas for an overnight stop: http://tjalda.is/en/camping-sites/
Here is a link to the Icelandic weather forecast website:  http://en.vedur.is/weather/forecasts/areas/
After a few days of driving around and camping you might want to take a shower and freshen up. Iceland has swimming pool with hot water from the ground all around the country where you can go for a swim for a small fee, unless it's a hidden natural hot spring of course.
Outback recommends buying a so called Camping Card. It has all the campsites in Iceland. It costs around 149 euros. Here is a direct link to the official website: http://campingcard.is/
There are some restriction on where you can camp in Iceland. Here is a link to a site that explains it all: http://www.ust.is/einstaklingar/frettir/frett/2016/06/30/May-I-camp-anywhere-/


Dashboard warning lights 

Check engine Door open Battery Oil pressure warning
4wd light Low range light Brake light High beam